Of Habit

Whenever one of us sits at the bistro table in the kitchen, the dog stamps her feet and wags furiously and wufs at us.  She’ll look at us, and then to the the jar of dog bones on the counter.  At us, then the bones.  She’ll stamp her feet some more, and make all kinds [...]

A Steady Regimen

So we took the dog to the vet the other day.

And I’d been kind of thinking she was getting a little pudgy because whenever you looked at her from above she looked kind of…tubular.  Like a tube sock, or a sausage in its casing.  Pretty sure dogs are not supposed to look like that.

And I [...]

At this point the pets just kind of name themselves

My Guy: I think we should get another dog to keep Snooki company.

Me: Okay.

My Guy:  Let’s get a male boxer mix.

Me: Alright, but only if we can name him ‘The Situation.’

It Puts the Kibble on the Floor

The Snook has a thing with her dog food.

Usually she just lets it sit there, glancing into the bowl as she walks by in the hopes that maybe—maybe?—some human food just happened to fall in, then looking disappointedly up at us like, What? No filet mignon?

She could care less about her dog food, but open [...]

A Very Snooki Birthday

According to the vet (or more precisely, an automatically generated e-mail based on the vet’s best guess) Snooki turned two this month.  At some point.  No one knows for sure because of her Tough Life on the Streets before she came to live with us.  And also the fact that she’s a dog.

Snooki’s Life So [...]

Running in the Rain

It’s difficult to stick to a running routine when it has rained nearly every day for a month straight.

It helps to have a running partner, one who pays no heed to the forecast.

One who, as soon as she sees you pick up your running shorts, says, ‘Okay!  I’m ready to go!  Are we going?’

One who [...]

A Wake of Destruction

Doesn't regret a thing.

The Snook, I think, experiences the world through her mouth.

She is a nibbler of fingers, a licker of palms, a chewer of small objects.

She can spend a whole evening mouthing a piece of string or a pebble of gravel, or shredding a piece of paper into spitball-sized wads.

She enjoys tearing apart [...]

Snooki Smile

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared any Snooki photos with you and you’ve just been dying to see more cute pet photos.

Well, they’re not that cute.

They’re not even that great of photos, either, due to the fact that I have to use stealth maneuvers to get a picture of her since as [...]

Things I Love #74

I love the sound of Snooki eating.  Especially when she eats cheeseballs.

And how she comes running as soon as she hears the cheesball container open.

And the way her stubby little tail wags when she’s excited.

This dog just about breaks my heart.

Snooki’s Socks

Snooki, it seems, has a thing for clothing.

The first time I spent the night at My Guy’s house (you know, in separate bedrooms of course) she stole my sweater.

My cashmere sweater.

In the morning I looked for it—“I know I left it right here.  But maybe it’s on a chair in the kitchen?  Or on the [...]