Red State Loves Blue State

I hate election season.

Between the robo-calls, the mailings and the hyperactive press coverage, it’s all a little too much.

Especially when there is no respite from it at home.

That’s right, I’m in a mixed relationship.  One of us is red state, and one of us is blue state.

I’m not saying who is who, but I will [...]

BAWC Week 37: The Five Love Languages

Shhh, quiet.  What’s that sound?

Do you hear it?

Oh, wait.

That’s just you over there, snickering at my book choices.

And maybe throwing up in your mouth a little bit.

If I weren’t so far behind in my Book-A-Week-Challenge, I would maybe not admit to having read this.

Because I have literary standards, you know.

But let’s not look [...]

BAWC Week 30: Shop Class as Soulcraft

I never thought that I would have a ‘type’ of man I was attracted to in relationships.

And even if I did, I thought that ‘type’ would be someone very similar to me: book-smart, educated, loves to read, etc.—i.e., a dork.


I’m here to tell you that apparently, my type is the guy who hated [...]

How to Sabotage a New Relationship

Gratuitous cute dog photo.

In case this didn’t work.

The scene: Dinner at his mom’s house.  His cousins are in town.  His mom changes the conversation to ‘What to do with my remains after I die.’

My guy: Well, I’ve got Dad’s ashes in my kitchen.

Me: Where in your kitchen?

My guy: In one of the kitchen cabinets.

Me: [...]

Drunken Mussels Linguine

I was going to title this dish ‘Seafood Seduction Pasta,’ because partly it was my intent to seduce my boyfriend with this dish, but partly I only made it because I like cooking with mussels and they were on sale.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, ‘You live on the coast of North Carolina.  You [...]

Awesome Dog Names

How to Sabotage a New Relationship:

1. Tell him it is your life goal to get fat and wear a muumuu.

2. When you meet his mom for the first time tell her that you’re eating for two.

3. Tell him that you’re eating for two: yourself and the muumuu.

4. Ask his mom how she’d feel if you [...]