Good at Failing Pop Culture

[While watching the intro to Jimmy Fallon when they list the night's guests]

Andy: Who’s Miles Teller?

Me: I dunno…Maybe he’s one of those magicians from Penn & Teller?

Andy: [Blank stare].  Do you know who Penn & Teller are?

Me: Sure I do, they’re magicians.  They do weird stuff.  There’s the one really big guy, and the small [...]

Going to Pretend that it’s because my brain is full of other, more important things

My Guy: I bet you don’t even know who Alice Cooper is.

Me: Sure I do.  He’s in a band, one of the scary ones.  You know, with the creepy makeup and the tongues and the bad hair.

My Guy: Mm-hmm.

Me: He’s in, like, Kiss or Metallica or something.  One of the scary ones.  Alice in Chains?

My [...]

Case in Point

Me: I thought Randy Jackson was a country singer.

My Guy: No.  Randy Travis and Alan Jackson are country singers.

Me: Oh.  Then who’s Randy Jackson?  A baseball player?

My Guy: I think you mean Reggie Jackson.

Later that week:

Me: So, Powdermilk Biscuits isn’t a real thing, right?

My Guy: No.  It’s like [...]