Oh, North Carolina

Turns out that in the South, summer’s arrival is not determined by a date on the calendar, but rather by the season’s first sighting of a guy driving his pickup truck with no shirt on.

Some sky, some clouds

One of my friends once asked me if the reason I was so laid-back was because I had grown up by the water and could see its steady, calming presence.  And I have thought about that question even though the answer was and still is no (the answer is genetics.  hi, dad!  I can count [...]

Poopety Poop

If there’s one thing that’s sorely lacking on food blogs these days, it’s poop.

I should know, because I bet I haven’t mentioned poop here in at least a week, maybe two.

My apologies.

Although technically what I’m talking about today is referred to as ‘scat,’ but unfortunately ‘scat’ is not as much fun to say as ‘poop.’

This [...]