Garden Snapshot 7.16.15

Well, Harper Lee must’ve never been a gardener, that’s all I can say.  Because if she had been, she would’ve been like, ‘f— you, mockingbird!’

I was all set to have a great blackberry harvest–there were handfuls of berries just outside my front door (literally! the vine has a foothold in the door frame, and I [...]

Garden Snapshot: 3.9.15

Well! It is now March, and signs of spring are here. It looks like we might actually have more than three days in a row of temps above 60, halleluia for that.

Robins are flocking to the yard in Hitchcockian numbers.  They root around in the mulch, pockmarking the garden beds with fist-sized craters.  If I [...]

Garden Snapshot 11.18.14

It was 75 degrees outside yesterday.  Tonight it will get down to 24, then swing wildly back upwards to 70 later in the week.  Which seems about right, for a North Carolina winter.

Though we had a freeze, technically, a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t really a hard freeze: the peppers and eggplant survived, the [...]

Garden Snapshot 9.29.14

September seems to be the time of year that the garden sighs with ease: after suffering through the heat of August, the plants begin to blossom and set fruit again.  There are several green tomatoes; green beans; tomatillos; peppers; watermelon.

And yet: it’s a shifting time, too.  I’ve started seedlings for the cool-weather crops (lettuces, kale, [...]

Garden Snapshot 6.29.2014

It’s hard to believe that so much has happened in the garden in the two months since I last wrote about it; yet in some ways it feels like so little.  I still haven’t finished planting the rest of the tomatoes, but most of them are in and growing well, and about half are blossoming.

I [...]

Garden Snapshot 4.30.14

Well, in the time since I’ve been meaning to write this (about a month), the peach tree has blossomed, leafed out, and set fruit.  I’m now set with the task of thinning out the fruit so that what remains will (hopefully) be a good crop.

The daffodils are mostly done blooming; the phlox, too, is on [...]

Garden Snapshot: 3/9/14

If I were to sum up the last three months in just five words, it would be these: Dear Winter, I’m over you.  And so it was hard, today, when it was gloriously 70-degrees-and-sunny to want to do anything but sit on the porch and bask.

And so I didn’t do any of the things I [...]

Garden Snapshot: 10/6/13

Well, it’s that time of year again: all of the garlic I forgot to harvest in June is sprouting, sending up their tall grassy stalks.  There are so! many! more than I remember, and in places I have no recollection of planting them.  Note to self (and others): do not plant garlic in/near your asparagus [...]

Garden Snapshot 5.30.13

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…partly because I was so disappointed/underwhelmed with last year’s garden (due to complete deer destruction of it), and the winter garden is never anything to get terribly excited about.  I mean, turnips.  Who can get excited about turnips?

This past month the weeds have sprung back to [...]

Garden Snapshot 5.19.12

Blooming: daylilies, blanketflower, sundrops, gerber daisy, coneflower, butterfly weed.

Setting buds: gladiolas, lilies, asters, volunteer marigolds (of which there are oh-so-many), peppers and tomatoes.

Harvesting: garden peas, which appear to be abundant until they are shelled.  I suspect I should also be harvesting potatoes around now, but because they are out of sight they are also out [...]