Lentejas con Chorizo, or: A Hearty Stew for Frigid Nights

My friend Heather studied abroad in Seville for a year when we were in college.  Her host mother, Julia (pronounced: ‘Hoo-lee-a’)(or maybe it was Julieta?), spoke only in Spanish to her and also told Heather that she was her favorite of all the host students she’d ever had, which was quite possibly true.

In contrast, my [...]

Superfood Soup

Andy and I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods a few weeks ago.

I say ‘mistake’ because, as someone who has a thing called a ‘budget’ for the weekly groceries, Whole Foods is not exactly an uplifting place to be.  “Hey!” it says, “Look at all this beautiful, artisan-crafted food that you cannot afford [...]

Cajun Veggie Chili

In the spirit of, ‘We’ve been making a lot of soups!,’ let me share one with you.

This recipe comes from Parade magazine, via my great-aunt Suzy & Uncle Bert.  Now, say what you will about Parade magazine (that it is stupid and boring and full of fluff and does anyone ever actually read it?) but I [...]

Melted White Bean Soup with Cabbage and Lemon, Or: I’m Pretty Certain You’re Going to Buy Cabbage this Week and Then Not Know What to Do With All of It

There are a few things I learned about people and about grocery shopping during my time as a cashier, chief among them being OH MY GOD LADY, Why is your shopping cart full of 80 pounds of ground beef and 1 gallon of bleach?!

I also learned that the only thing more embarrassing than buying a [...]

Spanish Bean Soup Recipe

I’ll be honest: when I first became a vegetarian, I missed meat.

Hamburgers, pork chops, steaks and bacon I could do without.

What I missed the most were Salt Works hotdogs and sausage.

And most especially, this soup.

Usually most recipes can be easily adapted to be vegetarian without any major loss of, shall we say, recipe integrity.  Collard [...]

Sweet Corn Vegetable Chowder Recipe

When I was in middle school we sometimes took class trips to (insert ‘educational destination that obviously had a long-lasting impact on my life seeing as I can’t remember it’ here), or we had away (insert whatever sport I happened to play at the time) games that, for some reason, required the hiring of a [...]

Tassajara Butternut Squash Soup with Thyme

This was one of the first cookbooks I ever got.

My mom got it for me, based partly on my newfound-at-the-time vegetarianism, and partly on her ownership of The Tassajara Bread Book, a remnant of her hippie college days.

And it’s a gem of a cookbook—every recipe I’ve tried has been a keeper.  Not only that, but [...]

How to Throw a Soup Party

I first became enamored with the idea of a soup swap party many many years ago when I read about it on someone’s blog.

I have no idea what blog it was; nor do I know how I happened to come across it.

Probably it was while I was avoiding doing work, but who can say for [...]

Golden Cheddar Soup Recipe

Following are the reasons I grow yellow squash, in no particular order:

1.  It’s easy to grow.

2.  It’s easy to cook.

3.  So I can make this soup.

I am a soup-lover.  I own two cookbooks devoted entirely to soups, not to mention the ubiquitous soup sections in every other cookbook I own (except perhaps for Mrs. Field’s [...]

Black Bean Soup Recipe

I have a love-hate relationship with black bean soup.  Or at least I used to.

I love the idea of it—healthy and hearty and simple—but I hated what usually came out of a restaurant kitchen: an over-salted glumpy mess.

So I’m glad that I finally learned not to order black bean soup in a restaurant, and decided [...]