In Typical Fashion

I don’t know what, exactly, to say about the following cauliflower recipe, except that it is very, very good.

My friend sent it to me in an email, with only the comment, “I sent this recipe to my mom and thought you might like it too.  We made it last week and it’s awesome.  I [...]

Basil-Gouda Mac and Cheese

I was rummaging around the freezer the other day when I found a tupperware from last year labeled “Pesto 10-28.”  I used the pesto in a batch of bagels (that I just now realized I never posted a recipe for, since apparently I am a lazy idiot).

Anyway, it got me thinking about last year’s first [...]

Corn Day and The Rhythm of the Harvest

On a recent Saturday we donned rain gear and drove to the outskirts of town, down a rutted muddy road.  There were blueberry bushes, 7-feet-tall and drooping with fruit; grape vines strung up on wire; an ancient fig tree growing against the side of the barn.  And, underneath a cluster of massive trees, two flatbed [...]

Broccoli Cauliflower Gratin Recipe

When I was a kid, broccoli was a persistent companion at the dinner table.

Often, to get us to eat more of it (or to eat it at all) it was accompanied by Cheez Whiz.

And I’m not gonna lie: it was delicious.

Usually the whole jar was microwaved, stirred at 30 second increments until it was hot [...]

Caraway Butter Braised Sauerkraut Recipe

When My Guy and I first started dating we briefly signed up for one of those online genealogy programs, just to make sure that we were not somehow distant cousins.

Because that would just be too Southern for me to handle, and nothing ruins a relationship as swiftly and terribly as finding out you’re related.

I don’t [...]

Mashed Potato Patties Recipe

Let me tell you a story.

A story about a girl who loved potatoes.

And more than potatoes, she loved a good deal.

Now, I don’t have to tell you what happened one day when, at the Food Lion, she saw 10-pound bags of potatoes on sale for $1.99.

She bought them of course.  No story there, except that [...]

Cloudy With a Chance of Pickles

Have you been making refrigerator pickles all summer?

We have.

I wish I could say that they’re from my own cucumbers that I grew but, save for one, they’re not.  For some reason I have bad luck with cucumbers, and by ‘bad luck’ I mean that there is some virus or pest that always kills them, but [...]

Sweet Corn Vegetable Chowder Recipe

When I was in middle school we sometimes took class trips to (insert ‘educational destination that obviously had a long-lasting impact on my life seeing as I can’t remember it’ here), or we had away (insert whatever sport I happened to play at the time) games that, for some reason, required the hiring of a [...]

Salt-Crusted Herbed Tomatoes Recipe

You know how there are just certain foods that are the essence of summer, of the fresh-luscious bounty of the earth?  There is the juicy peach, the corn-on-the-cob, the thick crimson wedges of watermelon; there is tomato pie and fresh pesto and open-faced tomato sandwiches that must be eaten over the sink to catch the [...]

Summer Corn Relish Recipe

My parents are friends with a man who keeps a farm as a hobby—you know, just for fun.

I’m vague on the specifics (acreage, animals) but what I do know is that every year he grows a bunch of field corn for (horses? dove-hunting?) and since he’s at it—sure, why not—a few rows of sweet corn.

When [...]