Southwest-Style Pimento Cheese

You don’t really need a recipe for the ‘classic’ pimento cheese, do you?  All it is, really, is grated cheddar, a jar of drained (diced) pimentos, maybe a scant Tablespoon of finely minced onion and a dash of worcestershire, and enough mayo to bind everything together.  Some people, at this point, also blend it together [...]

Game-Changer Guacamole

Well, the Superbowl is coming.  I know this because the grocery store circulars are exhorting me to buy a platter of something called ‘Wyngz,’ and also potato chips.

While I’m not very likely to watch ‘the game,’ I just may buy some of these ‘wyngz’ and potato chips because, well, why not, we like to snack.

Whether [...]

But It Was Worth It

Let’s talk about drunk food for a minute, shall we?

Drunk food is a carb- and fat-bombed greasy mess; the kind of food you eat with your hands or out of a paper wrapper, usually deep-fried and smothered in cheese.  Drunk food is the kind of food you eat with gusto and without guilt because, after [...]

Garlic Scapes: 3 Ways to Enjoy Them

Here is a thing that usually happens in my garden: I plant garlic in the late fall/early winter when I finally remember to get around to it, and when there is absolutely nothing else to do. Then I completely forget about it for a good six months and then, about this time [...]

Mama P.’s Spinach Dip Recipe

Pretty certain I will never be a hand model as there is always dirt under my fingernails. Sorry.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, geez, couldn’t you have posted this recipe before the Superbowl, so that I could’ve had something easy and delicious to eat while we watched the game commercials?

Well, yeah.

But [...]

Salt-Crusted Herbed Tomatoes Recipe

You know how there are just certain foods that are the essence of summer, of the fresh-luscious bounty of the earth?  There is the juicy peach, the corn-on-the-cob, the thick crimson wedges of watermelon; there is tomato pie and fresh pesto and open-faced tomato sandwiches that must be eaten over the sink to catch the [...]

Spinach Bites Recipe

I used to not think meal planning was all that hard.  In fact, I used to not think about it at all beyond: “I’m hungry.  What’s in the refrigerator?” or, “I wonder if there’s a box of mac n’ cheese in the pantry?”

When I got out of college and became slightly more health-conscious, I made [...]

Sardinian Eggs Recipe

To be honest, I’d never thought about frying hard-boiled eggs until this cookbook came along.

Because, you know, hard-boiled eggs are already cooked.

This recipe is a variation on the pan-crisped deviled eggs—and a simpler one, at that.

There’s no messy stuffing to deal with, or salad dressing.  Just hardboiled eggs sliced in half, cooked in oil and [...]

Pan-Crisped Deviled Eggs

If you are from the South, then you will know that any church potluck worth its salt is going to have deviled eggs.

If you are truly a southern cook, you may even have a platter with small divots in it specifically for serving deviled eggs.  In which case you will know that deviled eggs contain [...]

French Goat Cheese Toasts

These are the food memories I have of visiting Paris with my mom over a decade ago: nutella and banana crepes served in paper from sidewalk vendors; chocolate-filled buttery croissants for breakfast; and warm melty rounds of goat cheese on baguette slices with salad.

And of those three foods, it is the goat cheese toasts I [...]