Garden Snapshot: 3/9/14

If I were to sum up the last three months in just five words, it would be these: Dear Winter, I’m over you.  And so it was hard, today, when it was gloriously 70-degrees-and-sunny to want to do anything but sit on the porch and bask.

And so I didn’t do any of the things I [...]

What it Really Feels Like

You Learn to Layer

Last night I draped two layers of row covers over my arugula to (hopefully) keep them from biting the dust.  They all looked terrible after the first ‘Arctic Blast’; most of them were starting to perk up again & grow tender new leaves, but some of them had withered and died completely.

When I got back [...]

This Story Ends with: “And then I had a heart attack”

A while ago I was working in the garden, setting out thick layers of newspaper and covering them with grass clippings.  I was working my way up the row, spreading & covering, spreading and covering, when something seemed out of place.  In the back of my mind, something seemed not quite right.

I kept working, spreading [...]

Garden Snapshot 8.9.13

Well, I finally figured out what the small orange bugs were that I’ve been squishing: leaf-footed stink bugs–and guess what?  They totally destroyed my tomatoes.  Several years back when I took a Plant Pathology course, insects were classified by their mouths/method of eating.  For example, there were the piercing/sucking, and the rasping/chewing.  These [...]

Currently Our Favorite Conversation Starter: Andy’s Tick Bite and Ensuing Red Meat Allergy

There have been some (unintentional) dietary changes around here of late.

I’ve recently discovered that I may be lactose intolerant, or at the very least half-and-half-in-my-coffee-intolerant.  I’ve dealt with this stoically and with coconut milk, and by pretending that this intolerance does not also extend to cheese and ice cream.  I wasn’t a huge dairy-eater to [...]


The neighbor lost his dog the other day.

And then we noticed a new fellow hanging out in the marsh, who sometimes makes loud noises that sound like an outboard motor trying to start:

“Hey, so do you think I should call the neighbor and tell him I found his dog?” I asked [...]

Mama Bird

Every spring a sparrow nests in the eaves of the porch.

She arrives at the end of April, like clockwork.

She uses whatever’s left of last year’s nest, fluffing it up with a little more grass, a bit of moss, a tuft of something-or-other scavenged from the yard.

And then she sits.  And waits.

In the mornings I take [...]

Where the Wild Greens Are

It is about this time of year that I notice them—the wild greens.  I see them in highway medians, in fallow fields and front lawns, distinguishable only from other weeds only by the clustered spikes of yellow flowers swaying gently.

Where I used to work, at a non-profit, many of the families we worked with were [...]

Cake for Crows

Andy went out of town for the weekend.  Three days he was gone, and in that time I started talking to the dog; tried to rescue an injured feral cat that clearly did not want to be rescued despite his piteous yowling & three-legged hobbling; and I tried to make friends with the crows by [...]