Garden Snapshot 6.29.2014

It’s hard to believe that so much has happened in the garden in the two months since I last wrote about it; yet in some ways it feels like so little.  I still haven’t finished planting the rest of the tomatoes, but most of them are in and growing well, and about half are blossoming.

I [...]

Garden Snapshot 4.30.14

Well, in the time since I’ve been meaning to write this (about a month), the peach tree has blossomed, leafed out, and set fruit.  I’m now set with the task of thinning out the fruit so that what remains will (hopefully) be a good crop.

The daffodils are mostly done blooming; the phlox, too, is on [...]

Garden Snapshot: 3/9/14

If I were to sum up the last three months in just five words, it would be these: Dear Winter, I’m over you.  And so it was hard, today, when it was gloriously 70-degrees-and-sunny to want to do anything but sit on the porch and bask.

And so I didn’t do any of the things I [...]

This Story Ends with: “And then I had a heart attack”

A while ago I was working in the garden, setting out thick layers of newspaper and covering them with grass clippings.  I was working my way up the row, spreading & covering, spreading and covering, when something seemed out of place.  In the back of my mind, something seemed not quite right.

I kept working, spreading [...]

Garden Snapshot: 10/6/13

Well, it’s that time of year again: all of the garlic I forgot to harvest in June is sprouting, sending up their tall grassy stalks.  There are so! many! more than I remember, and in places I have no recollection of planting them.  Note to self (and others): do not plant garlic in/near your asparagus [...]

Basil-Gouda Mac and Cheese

I was rummaging around the freezer the other day when I found a tupperware from last year labeled “Pesto 10-28.”  I used the pesto in a batch of bagels (that I just now realized I never posted a recipe for, since apparently I am a lazy idiot).

Anyway, it got me thinking about last year’s first [...]

Brown Sugar Vanilla Fig Preserves

Last summer, while toodling around on the internet looking for interesting ways to use up the plethora of fresh figs from my mom’s tree, I discovered that there is a book out there called The Flavor Bible, and that such a thing—a bible! of flavor!—exists. It is the kind of book I would like [...]

Garden Snapshot 8.9.13

Well, I finally figured out what the small orange bugs were that I’ve been squishing: leaf-footed stink bugs–and guess what?  They totally destroyed my tomatoes.  Several years back when I took a Plant Pathology course, insects were classified by their mouths/method of eating.  For example, there were the piercing/sucking, and the rasping/chewing.  These [...]

Corn Day and The Rhythm of the Harvest

On a recent Saturday we donned rain gear and drove to the outskirts of town, down a rutted muddy road.  There were blueberry bushes, 7-feet-tall and drooping with fruit; grape vines strung up on wire; an ancient fig tree growing against the side of the barn.  And, underneath a cluster of massive trees, two flatbed [...]

Garden Snapshot 6.30.13

Well, THINGS are happening in the garden, lots of them.  Weeds, of course, aplenty.   But also flowers and vines and a semi-cultivated lushness.

The gladiolas are, for the most part, done.  Some yellows and deep pinks are still blooming but no more reds or whites, answering my earlier question: it is because they are different types [...]