But It Was Worth It

Let’s talk about drunk food for a minute, shall we?

Drunk food is a carb- and fat-bombed greasy mess; the kind of food you eat with your hands or out of a paper wrapper, usually deep-fried and smothered in cheese.  Drunk food is the kind of food you eat with gusto and without guilt because, after [...]

My Gift to You

Dear Wilmington,

You’re welcome.  I’ve just found the greatest food combination ever: French-fry pizza.  Really.

It’s like a combination of cheese fries and pizza—or, the greatest drunk food in the world.  And I wasn’t even drunk when I ate it!

Of course, you can only get such a thing from a place that serves both pizza and French [...]

Why You Should Be Bringing a Leftovers Salad to Work With You

I used to have a hard time with work lunches.

I was too cheap to go out to eat, save for the occasional co-worker get-together, yet I would often neglect to bring something to the office due to early morning brain-fog and the inability to pack something the night before because of, well, planning ahead.

I would [...]

Munchos, or: The Worst Chips in the World

Well, you’re welcome.

I have availed myself of countless bags of potato chips in order to help you avoid my mistakes and I have finally found them: the worst potato chips in the world.

Originally I thought I found them in a bag of Herr’s Cheddar Horseradish that I got from Ollie’s (which is like Big Lots [...]

The Worst Thing I Ate Last Week (Or: A Review of Paleta Payaso)

You know you are true friends with someone when you give each other gifts that are, well, not really gifts that you would buy in a store, but rather things you’ve gotten for free and/or are bound for the garbage.

One such friend is both a Super-Couponer and a teacher who keeps me well-stocked with free [...]

Curry Valley Restaurant Review

My friends and I went to Curry Valley several weeks ago for dinner.  We went there for two reasons, reason 1 being: dinner.  And reason 2 being: buffet.  Most importantly, an all-you-can-eat one.

And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really expecting the food to be that great for the simple reason that whenever I drive past [...]

Hot Dog Pizza Revisited

Let’s say that, due to a miscommunication, you accidentally intrude on Guys’ Night at Your Guy’s house.

And now, let’s say that they’ve been drinking for a couple hours and it’s getting late and they are hungry.

But not hungry for just anything.  No.

They do not want any quinoa cakes or salad or rice and beans.

They want [...]

Not Test-Marketed in America

Recently I was out couponing with a friend (yeah, cause we know how to party like that) and came across a section of the ethnic foods aisle I’d never seen before: British foods.

This section appeared to have everything necessary to make for the Worst Dinner Party Ever.

Could I interest you in a can of Bachelor’s [...]

I Left My Harp in Sam Clam’s Disco

When we told My Guy’s mom that we were going to San Francisco, she wanted to tell us a joke but all she could remember was the punchline—“I left my harp in Sam Clam’s Disco.”

It was funny at the time, and sort of funny later, but not so funny when we read the actual joke, [...]

Cincinnati Hofbrauhaus and Skyline Chili

Kevin and Helen and Three Very Large Beers

To console ourselves after the Creation Museum Gift Shop/Creep Out Experience, we went to the Hofbrauhaus where we spent the money we saved by not going into the Creation Museum on giant beers.  Definitely a better use of $25, in my opinion.  But maybe that’s just because [...]