About Me

I’m Tori.  I recently quit my job to move home and renovate my great-grandparents’ house and turn it into an inn.  It’s going sloooowly.

When I’m not battling dust, cobwebs, and ticks, I garden, I cook, I write and I read.  And I play Dutch Blitz.  Almost obsessively, my friends might say.

I’m a native Wilmingtonian who moved away for school, vowing never to return.  And, well, here I am.  Way to make promises you can’t keep, self!

I don’t take myself too seriously.  Case in point:

(One of the most exciting days in my life was when I found this [child-size] monkey costume at a thrift store for seven dollars.  Seven dollars!  I bought it immediately and wore it for the rest of the day, even though I was at work.  Also, I’m not sure why I look stoned and/or twelve in this photo.  I was/am neither.  However, I am old enough to not want to tell you how old I am, so there’s that.)