Garden Snapshot 4.30.14

Well, in the time since I’ve been meaning to write this (about a month), the peach tree has blossomed, leafed out, and set fruit.  I’m now set with the task of thinning out the fruit so that what remains will (hopefully) be a good crop.

The daffodils are mostly done blooming; the phlox, too, is on [...]

Better With Pirates

Me [to coworker]: What is this check for?

Coworker: A cannon.

Me:  A cannon?

Coworker: Yeah, you know, from the pirate ship.

Me: Ohhh.  Right.  The pirates.

Coworker: Yeah, they actually offered me a job.

Me:  No way.  Like, being a pirate?

Coworker: Yeah, I guess he thought I looked like a pirate.

Me: Because of your beard?

Coworker: I guess.  Musta been something, [...]

But I Did

I’ve been battling a terrible cold this last week, drinking mug after hot mug of ginger tea (fresh grated ginger, lemon, hot water, honey to taste) and wishing I had had the foresight to stash away a few frozen quarts of this carrot-ginger soup.  I did think that I had one, but after taking it [...]