Superfood Soup

Andy and I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods a few weeks ago.

I say ‘mistake’ because, as someone who has a thing called a ‘budget’ for the weekly groceries, Whole Foods is not exactly an uplifting place to be.  “Hey!” it says, “Look at all this beautiful, artisan-crafted food that you cannot afford [...]

Wishing there were an Olympic sport called: Asking Awkward Questions

If I were a journalist in Sochi right now, you can be sure I’d be asking the hard-hitting questions like,

“Why do you think you just fucked up so badly?”

“Bob Costas, is it true you got pink eye from snuggling with a stray dog in your hotel room?”

“You know that journalists only want to interview you [...]

Southwest-Style Pimento Cheese

You don’t really need a recipe for the ‘classic’ pimento cheese, do you?  All it is, really, is grated cheddar, a jar of drained (diced) pimentos, maybe a scant Tablespoon of finely minced onion and a dash of worcestershire, and enough mayo to bind everything together.  Some people, at this point, also blend it together [...]