Good at Failing Pop Culture

[While watching the intro to Jimmy Fallon when they list the night's guests]

Andy: Who’s Miles Teller?

Me: I dunno…Maybe he’s one of those magicians from Penn & Teller?

Andy: [Blank stare].  Do you know who Penn & Teller are?

Me: Sure I do, they’re magicians.  They do weird stuff.  There’s the one really big guy, and the small [...]

Game-Changer Guacamole

Well, the Superbowl is coming.  I know this because the grocery store circulars are exhorting me to buy a platter of something called ‘Wyngz,’ and also potato chips.

While I’m not very likely to watch ‘the game,’ I just may buy some of these ‘wyngz’ and potato chips because, well, why not, we like to snack.

Whether [...]

What it Really Feels Like

You Learn to Layer

Last night I draped two layers of row covers over my arugula to (hopefully) keep them from biting the dust.  They all looked terrible after the first ‘Arctic Blast’; most of them were starting to perk up again & grow tender new leaves, but some of them had withered and died completely.

When I got back [...]

Dear Future: Go Ahead and Don’t Hire Me for any HR Positions

One of the guys at work needed a character reference letter for Little League, so this is the letter I wrote:

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to recommend EmployeeName as an umpire for your baseball league. I think he would do a fine job because as far as I am aware of, he [...]

Cajun Veggie Chili

In the spirit of, ‘We’ve been making a lot of soups!,’ let me share one with you.

This recipe comes from Parade magazine, via my great-aunt Suzy & Uncle Bert.  Now, say what you will about Parade magazine (that it is stupid and boring and full of fluff and does anyone ever actually read it?) but I [...]

Shit My Guy Says: The Chicken Edition

[While eating a rotisserie chicken for dinner]

My Guy: If you weren’t here, I would eat this entire chicken by myself.

Me: Oh my god, no you wouldn’t.

My Guy: Yes I would, and then I wouldn’t have to deal with the leftovers.

Me:  That’s terrible.  I’m so sad for you.

My Guy:  I wouldn’t be sad.  I would be [...]