Not Another Soup

Well, it’s that time of year again: The time of the first frost, and then the first killing frost; the time of begrudgingly switching the thermostat over to ‘heat;’ the time of turning the bed into blanket-topia; the time of eating all of the Halloween candy before Halloween (and the time, obviously, of being a [...]

How You Look At It

Years from now, I may decide that the finest moment in my professional career was the day I told the sales guy he needed to make the other guy stop pooping in the ladies’ bathroom.

On the bright side, it worked (no more surprise floaters!)

The downside is the fact that this was a conversation that needed [...]

But It Was Worth It

Let’s talk about drunk food for a minute, shall we?

Drunk food is a carb- and fat-bombed greasy mess; the kind of food you eat with your hands or out of a paper wrapper, usually deep-fried and smothered in cheese.  Drunk food is the kind of food you eat with gusto and without guilt because, after [...]