This Story Ends with: “And then I had a heart attack”

A while ago I was working in the garden, setting out thick layers of newspaper and covering them with grass clippings.  I was working my way up the row, spreading & covering, spreading and covering, when something seemed out of place.  In the back of my mind, something seemed not quite right.

I kept working, spreading [...]

A Horse in the House, Of Course, Of Course

Sure, it features an amazing ocean view and charming woodwork, but what you’re really going to want to ask the real estate agent is, “Does the horse come with the house?”


On second thought, actually, I would like to amend my question:

“Can you get the horse out of the house?  It’s making the dogs nervous.”

Why I Don’t Want My Husband to Wear a Wedding Ring and Other Stories from the Industrial Park. Also: the Difference Between Men and Women

There are wasps in the ladies’ room at work. Although, ‘ladies room’ I think is a generous euphemism for what it actually is: a decrepit trailer containing toilets. And by ‘trailer,’ I do not mean something semi-nice, like you might see at an outdoor wedding; I mean something that the Clampett’s would have [...]

Garden Snapshot: 10/6/13

Well, it’s that time of year again: all of the garlic I forgot to harvest in June is sprouting, sending up their tall grassy stalks.  There are so! many! more than I remember, and in places I have no recollection of planting them.  Note to self (and others): do not plant garlic in/near your asparagus [...]

Basil-Gouda Mac and Cheese

I was rummaging around the freezer the other day when I found a tupperware from last year labeled “Pesto 10-28.”  I used the pesto in a batch of bagels (that I just now realized I never posted a recipe for, since apparently I am a lazy idiot).

Anyway, it got me thinking about last year’s first [...]