Pizza Margherita

The summer after my junior year in college, I traveled around Europe with my friend Daneen.  We went to Greece and Italy and a smattering of other central- and eastern-European countries, but most of our time was spent in Italy & Greece.

In Italy, we made our way down the boot.  First Venice (pigeons! disgusting! tourist [...]

Apparently there’s only one person in our household who cares about optimizing the size of the dishwasher load

There are people out there who refuse to allow anyone else to load the dishwasher at their house.

I used to think these people were crazy.

I used to think that, if someone else wants to do your dishes for you, let them.

I used to think that any dish-doing was good dish-doing.

But then I moved in with [...]

Shit My Guy Says: The Family Vacation Edition

Me: [Trying to prepare Andy for a vacation with my family] So, I think it would be a good idea if you maybe didn’t talk politics around my great-aunt.

Andy: Why not?  It doesn’t bother me.

Me: Well, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.  She’s mostly deaf so she won’t be able to hear you.

Andy: That’s okay, I [...]