Brown Sugar Vanilla Fig Preserves

Last summer, while toodling around on the internet looking for interesting ways to use up the plethora of fresh figs from my mom’s tree, I discovered that there is a book out there called The Flavor Bible, and that such a thing—a bible! of flavor!—exists. It is the kind of book I would like [...]

It’s a good thing I’m married, otherwise I’d have to chase the boys off with a stick

The other day I picked something off my butt that I thought was a tick.  On further inspection, it turned out to be either a pimple or a piece of food.  I’m not sure that either of these scenarios is better, actually, than it being a tick.

And now you are all thinking that Andy is [...]

Garden Snapshot 8.9.13

Well, I finally figured out what the small orange bugs were that I’ve been squishing: leaf-footed stink bugs–and guess what?  They totally destroyed my tomatoes.  Several years back when I took a Plant Pathology course, insects were classified by their mouths/method of eating.  For example, there were the piercing/sucking, and the rasping/chewing.  These [...]

Shit My Guy Says: the health food edition

Me: Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll buy that hemp protein powder again. It made the smoothies sort of grainy.

Andy: Well what did you expect? You’re eating a fucking rope.

And now you know what kind of dog I want to get next

Y’all are not going to believe what we have in our neighborhood.  No, really, I don’t think you would, so I took pictures of it.

A piglet!  A piglet on a leash!  And get this–it even wags its tail.

We hadn’t seen it in a long time and I started to worry that–well, you know–it [...]


In case you’re looking for that lasagna recipe for national lasagna day, it’s over here.  Though since it’s summer, may I suggest swapping out the tomato sauce for fresh basil pesto, and layering it with roasted coins of zucchini?  And maybe also some oven-dried tomatoes?

But I just have to say: National Lasagna Day?  Really, America? [...]