A story involving a bear. Sort of.

A couple of weeks ago I sprained my ankle.  This is not the part of the story that involves a bear, though it would certainly be more interesting if it did.  Rather, it was due to a deep but narrow hole in the ground, deceptively grown over by grass.

It left me (and a tupperware of [...]

Feel free to steal this excuse.

Andy: Why didn’t you answer your phone?

Me: Oh, sorry.  I was trying to drown a fly in a glass of water.

Our Favorite Sauce

If there is a way to take an appetizing photo of a white sauce, I've yet to find it.

I was on the phone with my friend Jane recently and, I forget how or why, but I mentioned that Andy & I were trying to eat better.  “What?” she remarked, “But you always eat so [...]

Kale Salad with Nectarine & Toasted Pecans

Kale is a bit of an ‘it’ food these days, and why not?  It’s a nutritional powerhouse–at least as healthy as spinach but without the oxalates, and it’ll keep longer in the fridge to boot.

And while I’ve never had luck growing more than, say, one leaf of spinach, the kale seems to grow itself–I toss [...]

Sprouted Lentils

Back in my hippie-est, crunchy-est of days, back when I wore socks with birkenstocks (only occasionally) and juiced organic carrots, celery & apples every morning, I aspired to make my own sprouts.

I would see the seeds at the health-food store–tiny black specks labeled ‘Broccoli’ or ‘Alfalfa’–and I would see also all kinds of sprouting contraptions [...]

Not A Fashion Blog

Well, it’s that time of year when my sense of style veers dangerously towards: “Too hot to care.”  Which is why you may find me wearing clothes in public that really should only be worn in the privacy of my own home–and not even in the backyard at that.  Case in point: black cami + [...]

Corn Day and The Rhythm of the Harvest

On a recent Saturday we donned rain gear and drove to the outskirts of town, down a rutted muddy road.  There were blueberry bushes, 7-feet-tall and drooping with fruit; grape vines strung up on wire; an ancient fig tree growing against the side of the barn.  And, underneath a cluster of massive trees, two flatbed [...]

Dress Up Your Grits

Andy was born and raised in New Jersey.  Not that I hold that against him, but.  You know how southerners are.  I can forgive it but I can’t forget it.

Even though he’s lived down here for 20 years and has, for the most part, acclimated, there are still certain words he says that are endearingly [...]