Garden Snapshot 6.30.13

Well, THINGS are happening in the garden, lots of them.  Weeds, of course, aplenty.   But also flowers and vines and a semi-cultivated lushness.

The gladiolas are, for the most part, done.  Some yellows and deep pinks are still blooming but no more reds or whites, answering my earlier question: it is because they are different types [...]

Tuesday Thoughts

I forgot to put on deodorant this morning, and so I’ve spent most of the day wondering if windex might be an acceptable substitute since this is the only thing we have in the office that could be comparable.
The media is making a big stink about George Zimmerman’s lawyer opening with a knock-knock joke.  My [...]

Shit My Guy Says: Everybody that he used to know

Andy, as it turns out, knows A LOT of people in Wilmington.  Half the time when we go to the grocery store he’ll see someone he knows and be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s blahblahblah.  I used to: work with/teach/date/hang out with him/her.”  I think he has dated pretty much every woman in Wilmington at some [...]

Two Things and An Almost Thing

When I was in college one of the teachers started the first day of class with the ‘get-to-know-you’ game of ‘Two Truths and A Lie’ in which each person writes a list of 3 statements about themselves, 2 of which were true, one of which was a lie.

Like most icebreakers this one went over poorly [...]

Currently Our Favorite Conversation Starter: Andy’s Tick Bite and Ensuing Red Meat Allergy

There have been some (unintentional) dietary changes around here of late.

I’ve recently discovered that I may be lactose intolerant, or at the very least half-and-half-in-my-coffee-intolerant.  I’ve dealt with this stoically and with coconut milk, and by pretending that this intolerance does not also extend to cheese and ice cream.  I wasn’t a huge dairy-eater to [...]

Garlic Scapes: 3 Ways to Enjoy Them

Here is a thing that usually happens in my garden: I plant garlic in the late fall/early winter when I finally remember to get around to it, and when there is absolutely nothing else to do. Then I completely forget about it for a good six months and then, about this time [...]

Garden Snapshot 5.30.13

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…partly because I was so disappointed/underwhelmed with last year’s garden (due to complete deer destruction of it), and the winter garden is never anything to get terribly excited about.  I mean, turnips.  Who can get excited about turnips?

This past month the weeds have sprung back to [...]