Stuffing Bread Recipe

Listen: we all know that the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers, right?

The day-after turkey sandwich smeared with mayo and cranberry sauce, the green bean casserole mixed with stuffing, the mid-morning snack of sweet potato casserole.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me the ‘perfect bite’ of Thanksgiving is thus: turkey, stuffing, [...]

Spanish Bean Soup Recipe

I’ll be honest: when I first became a vegetarian, I missed meat.

Hamburgers, pork chops, steaks and bacon I could do without.

What I missed the most were Salt Works hotdogs and sausage.

And most especially, this soup.

Usually most recipes can be easily adapted to be vegetarian without any major loss of, shall we say, recipe integrity.  Collard [...]

Some sky, some clouds

One of my friends once asked me if the reason I was so laid-back was because I had grown up by the water and could see its steady, calming presence.  And I have thought about that question even though the answer was and still is no (the answer is genetics.  hi, dad!  I can count [...]

Simple 3 Minute Salmon Recipe

Cooking fish is one of those tasks that, on the surface, is easy to do.

Anyone can cook a fish—but not everyone can cook a fish well.

And because fish cooks so quickly, it is easy to go from well-cooked—moist and tender—to overcooked, dry, and tough.  The difference is mere minutes.

I myself am guilty of ruining a [...]

Red State Loves Blue State

I hate election season.

Between the robo-calls, the mailings and the hyperactive press coverage, it’s all a little too much.

Especially when there is no respite from it at home.

That’s right, I’m in a mixed relationship.  One of us is red state, and one of us is blue state.

I’m not saying who is who, but I will [...]


My Guy (half asleep): I just had a dream we got engaged…

Me: Awww…

My Guy: And I took your ring and hid it in a pile of bear shit, and you and your mom had to dig through the bear shit to find it.

Me: That doesn’t sound great.

My Guy: Every woman always remembers where she was [...]

Poopety Poop

If there’s one thing that’s sorely lacking on food blogs these days, it’s poop.

I should know, because I bet I haven’t mentioned poop here in at least a week, maybe two.

My apologies.

Although technically what I’m talking about today is referred to as ‘scat,’ but unfortunately ‘scat’ is not as much fun to say as ‘poop.’

This [...]