Beer Brats Recipe

I was a vegetarian for a long, long time which is how I managed to have never eaten a beer brat (or any bratwurst, for that matter) until this summer.  This in spite of living in the Midwest for several years, spending a year in Austria, and having—on two separate occasions—roommates from Wisconsin.

I was not [...]

It’s Possible

Based on how often I talk about potato chips and beer, you’d probably think that the majority of my calories comes from these two items but you’d be wrong.  Because I also drink a lot of wine.

Chipotle Lime Fish Tacos Recipe

This story starts out four or five years ago when I moved into a little duplex in Hickory.  It had two bedrooms, a cramped kitchen, an overgrown flowerbed and a tiny back porch.  But most importantly, it was the first time I’d ever lived alone.

And I loved it.

Because it meant that everything in there was [...]

A Haiku About Trying to Make a Left Turn onto Market Street During Rush Hour

Ohmygod ohmy

godohmygod ohmygod


Next Time

“Remember to bring a sharpie with you in the car so you can change that hippie’s bumper sticker to read: Make Fart not war.”–Said the part of my brain that is an 8 year-old boy

Munchos, or: The Worst Chips in the World

Well, you’re welcome.

I have availed myself of countless bags of potato chips in order to help you avoid my mistakes and I have finally found them: the worst potato chips in the world.

Originally I thought I found them in a bag of Herr’s Cheddar Horseradish that I got from Ollie’s (which is like Big Lots [...]

Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe and Birthday-ness

We had some birthdays around here not too long ago—two in one week, to be exact.  (Or three if you count The Snook and six if you count the kittens [which we won’t as they refused to allow themselves to be birthday-hatted]).

Luckily for me, my birthday is four days earlier than My Guy’s which allows [...]

Lists of Things

A List of Things I’ve Been Meaning to Do:

1.  Figure out how to change the font size here so it’s less annoying.

2.  Fix the power locks on my car doors so I can use them as intended without having them randomly start locking and unlocking themselves for minutes at a time, thus draining my car [...]


I always love looking around at stuff on etsy because it reminds me of all the things that I could be making if I weren’t so lazy.

In fact, maybe I’ll start my own etsy store full of links to items that I could make.  If I ever get around to it.  I would call it [...]

Caraway Butter Braised Sauerkraut Recipe

When My Guy and I first started dating we briefly signed up for one of those online genealogy programs, just to make sure that we were not somehow distant cousins.

Because that would just be too Southern for me to handle, and nothing ruins a relationship as swiftly and terribly as finding out you’re related.

I don’t [...]