Molasses Oat Bread Recipe

I’m not trying to brag here, but this bread?  This bread almost made me famous.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying.  There’s no such thing as almost famous, except as it exists in the form of a movie, which—let’s be honest—wasn’t all that great.

After all, they don’t call him ‘Almost-Famous Amos’ do they?

You see my [...]

Heres One Way to Make Watching a Room Full of White People Just a Little More Fun

Let me introduce to you the RNC drinking game.  Are you ready?  Fill up your glass.

Every time anyone says “We Built It” or “small business” or “God,” take a drink.  And every time the camera accidentally focuses on someone who is texting instead of listening to the speaker, take two drinks—one drink for you, and [...]

Running in the Rain

It’s difficult to stick to a running routine when it has rained nearly every day for a month straight.

It helps to have a running partner, one who pays no heed to the forecast.

One who, as soon as she sees you pick up your running shorts, says, ‘Okay!  I’m ready to go!  Are we going?’

One who [...]

Spinach White Pie Recipe

Sometimes you need to shake things up a bit and deviate from your routine.

Throw convention on its head.

Especially when you find yourself getting into a rut.

The meals that you find yourself making over and over again, the recipes you use so often that you’ve begun leaving the recipe card out on the counter, tucked behind [...]

The Rain in Maine

Let’s continue the Maine travelogue, shall we?

After surviving outlet shopping, I-95, and rest stop stretches, arrive at your destination on or near Mount Desert Island.

Hopefully you will not hold the Maine DOT liable for any poorly executed rest stop stretches.

If you are lucky, you have relatives who will put you up and—not only that—invite [...]


For what seems to be ages now, my mom and I—along with my aunt and cousin—have been going up to Maine in the summer to spend a week with my great-aunt Suzy and Uncle Bert.

In fact, I remember when my cousin Mallory was a baby and ate the butter and raspberry jam straight out of [...]

Hut-Hut!: The Maine Huts Trail

A couple of weeks ago I went on an adventure: while visiting my great-aunt and uncle in Maine, we took a few days to do the Maine Huts.

It was awesome.

Now, I’m sure that when you hear the word ‘hut’ you picture a crummy wooden shanty mouldering in the woods.

These are not those kind of huts.

No, [...]

Things I Love #15: Staring Out of Windows

I love the view from a window, from a plane or the backseat of a car

when there is nothing else to do but sit and watch.

And I love the view from the sky,

the brief moment between ground and clouds when you can still see the earth below,

the perfect blue circles of backyard pools, the tidy [...]

Port City Swappers

A few weeks ago I went to my first ever swap meet.

It was amazing.

Well, except for the part where it got rained out and they had to hold it indoors.  Nothing wrong with that, just that it got a little bit crowded.

I got to unload a case of pineapple-fig preserves (which, lets face it, were [...]

Tomato Pie Sandwiches Recipe

Something has been amiss this summer.  A void that hasn’t been filled.

An itch yearning to be scratched.

Nothing major, really, and something that could be easily remedied—if only I would get off my lazy ass and make a tomato pie.

But I haven’t because the thought of making a pie crust wears me out, and the thought [...]