I Got Your Proof of Purchase Right Here

When I first found out about the Nutella lawsuit I was like, Of Course.  Someone in America is bound to be suing someone at any given moment, for any number of reasons.

Even if that something happens to be Delicious.Breakfast.Food.

Well okay, maybe scratch the ‘Breakfast’ part.

And then later when I found out about the Nutella class [...]

Soupy Mexican Pot Beans Recipe–or, Perfect Black Beans

I'll go ahead and save you the suspense: none of these pictures are that great.

One of my “Not-a-New-Year’s-Resolution” Resolutions has been to eat—and cook—more beans.

To that end, I’ve been stocking up on bags of dry beans when they go on sale and cooking a big pot of them every week or so.

After all, what’s [...]

In Another Life She Would’ve Been a Plumber

Steve-kitten has some Big Questions about Water.

Namely, Where does it come from?  And Where does it go?

It has become quite the obsession with her, to the point where she is always on the lookout for Water.

If she is in the other room and hears the toilet flush, she comes a-runnin’.

Are you washing your hands?  Steve-kitten [...]

Shit My Guy Says: In Which George Foreman Thwarts My Dream Wedding

Me: Let’s get married so I can register for a Cuisinart Griddler and make paninis.

My Guy: Why don’t we just use the George Foreman?  It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than getting married.

The Worst Thing I Ate Last Week (Or: A Review of Paleta Payaso)

You know you are true friends with someone when you give each other gifts that are, well, not really gifts that you would buy in a store, but rather things you’ve gotten for free and/or are bound for the garbage.

One such friend is both a Super-Couponer and a teacher who keeps me well-stocked with free [...]

Spring Tortellini with Peas and Ricotta

You may remember me mentioning that My Guy used to suffer from a severe case of Bachelor-Pantry Syndrome.  In spite of this affliction, I was occasionally able to pull together meals that were both nutritionally complete as well as tasty.

Because of this, he now likes to joke that he is going to make me do [...]

Unintentionally Apt

Tannery, noun.: A place where skins or hides are converted into leather.

Which, after accidentally seeing a photo of the tan mom, I’d say is the perfect name for a tanning salon.

Peas, Please

My favorite seed company, Southern Exposure, each year includes an admonition in their section on heirloom cottons.  Everyone, they say, should grow and pick a row of cotton at least once in their lives, if only to gain an understanding of how physically demanding—back-breaking, hand-hurting—a task it is, and imagine what it must have been [...]

Garden Snapshot 5.19.12

Blooming: daylilies, blanketflower, sundrops, gerber daisy, coneflower, butterfly weed.

Setting buds: gladiolas, lilies, asters, volunteer marigolds (of which there are oh-so-many), peppers and tomatoes.

Harvesting: garden peas, which appear to be abundant until they are shelled.  I suspect I should also be harvesting potatoes around now, but because they are out of sight they are also out [...]

Things I Love #54

I love the moon when it is far away and brooding behind clouds,

or between bare branches of a tree.