Things I Love #67

I love it when the clouds do this thing in the sky that is so bold and dramatic and stunning.

It makes me stop in my tracks, and stare.


I can admit when I’m wrong.


One of those few times is now, and it is about a flower I used to think I hated and refused to grow it.

That was until I got hundreds of them for free (I know a guy) and gave them a shot.

And boy, was I wrong to hate irises.

I used [...]

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Adventure

It all started when we ran out of hot sauce.

At first, I didn’t really believe we had run out of hot sauce because we always seemed to have some on hand thanks to a super-couponing friend.  Said friend manages to get it for free and then passes some along when she decides she needs that [...]

Hollywood East



Weird story: the movies have come to town.

Or more specifically, to our woods and in-various-stages-of-disrepair house.

Before they started, different movie people kept telling us that “It’s like the circus comes to town,” and we were sort of like, yeah, sure, But where are the elephants?

Ways In Which the Movies are similar to a Circus:

1. They [...]

Lazy Sunday French Toast with Banana-Walnut Compote

We use the fancy china on Lazy Sunday.

I’m not going to try to tell you that this is the best French Toast recipe in the world and you should drop everything to go cook it.

I’m not.

Because honestly I don’t think there is a ‘best French toast recipe.’  To me, all French toast is, well, [...]

Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe

I am elated/ecstatic/overjoyed to tell you that I have finally—finally!—found the perfect pizza dough recipe, after a year-long quest and several failures (see also: stickiness fail, blob fail, and taste fail).

I am only slightly embarrassed to tell you that it involved a calculator and comparing the ratios of each ingredient in several different recipes.

Hello, I’m [...]

Garden Snapshot 4.18.12

The catkins have nearly all fallen from the live oaks, leaving a thin golden-brown carpet on the garden (and in all the crevasses of my car).  Except for a few stragglers in the deep shade the azaleas too have shed their blooms.  The days are mostly warm and the nights and mornings slightly cool.  It [...]

Standby Pasta

It’s time, I think, to put an end to the shame and silence over this issue.  I know you have them, so I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have them either: Scabies!

Oh, wait, what I meant to say is: Standbys.  You know, the meals you cook when you don’t know what else to [...]

The Most

The other day I was making spring rolls for lunch.

A wasp was buzzing angrily against the kitchen window, searching for a way out and inadvertently attracting the attention of Steve-kitten.

I turned around to get the spring roll wrappers from the pantry and in half a second Steve was on the counter amidst the vegetables and [...]

Things I Love #38

When the sun is a perfect circle in the sky, a gorgeous orb that hurts to look at

and you are torn between wanting to stare, and knowing you shouldn’t.