Things I Love #61: Cedar Waxwings

The cedar waxwings arrive in great flocks, stripping cleanly every berry from shrubs and trees.

I love them for their tufted heads, the masked faces and brownish-green feathers that look like velvet.

And their chirruping chatter that is like a happy murmur in the air.

But most of all, I love that when the cedar waxwings arrive it [...]

Cauliflower Chickpea CousCous Bowl

I was going to call this simply the ‘Three C’s Bowl,’ or maybe actually ‘The Five C’s Bowl:’ Cauliflower chickpea couscous bowl with cumin-curry dressing.

But that’s a little much, don’t you think?

That’s what I thought.

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is an assemblage of ingredients—adjust it to suit your tastes or what you [...]

Still Life with Lady

On the lookout for any potentially frightening noises.

It’s safe to say that Lady Jane’s favorite activity is sleeping.

Her second favorite activity is playing with feathers, and then her third favorite might be eating or swishing her tail, or running and hiding from sudden noises that scare her which is just about everything [...]

Curry Valley Restaurant Review

My friends and I went to Curry Valley several weeks ago for dinner.  We went there for two reasons, reason 1 being: dinner.  And reason 2 being: buffet.  Most importantly, an all-you-can-eat one.

And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really expecting the food to be that great for the simple reason that whenever I drive past [...]

Easy Fettucine Alfredo Recipe

Dear America:

You’ve been making fettucine alfredo all wrong.

And, not only that, but you’ve been making more work for yourself.

I had no idea either.

I always thought that to make an alfredo sauce, first you needed to make a béchamel.  You know, butter and flour and cream and lots of stirring, and very careful heating of the [...]

Things I Love #24: Live Oak Leaves

I love that the live oaks are shedding their leaves this time of year, and when the breeze blows the leaves scatter and it sounds like rain.

And I love how after a heavy rain they are gathered together in great swaths, some stacked neatly like sheets of paper, others in undulating masses across the yard.

Gado Gado Recipe

Let’s be honest: the real reason I first made this recipe was because of the name.  I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy going around saying, “I’m eating gado-gado for lunch,” at which point your coworkers will raise their eyebrows and back slooowly out of the break room.

Originally, the sauce is meant to be served atop a [...]

Snapshot 3.19.12

The jonquils, a few of which are still blooming, are petering out.

Azaleas are blooming in bright pops of fuschia and pink and orange, earlier, it seems, than anyone was expecting.

The fig trees are unfurling their first small leaves, child-sized and soft and delicate and glowing-green.

Bradford pears are in bloom, masses of pillowy-white blossoms, the brief [...]

Irish Soda Bread Recipe


Hey you.

Do you have any Irish in ya?


Do you want some?

Sadly this is the only Irish joke I can remember and I can’t even use it because a) I am not Irish and b) I am not a lecherous man.

But what I can give you, in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day (which I only [...]

Volunteer of the Year: Oxalis crassipes

At my previous place of employment (i.e. the job that shall not be named) one of my duties was to decide who, out of countless worthy people, would be named the Volunteer of the Year.  It was a difficult task, not just because there were so many incredible volunteers, but mainly because no matter who [...]