Blueberry Cream Pie Recipe

Just the other day I was thinking to myself, “You know what this blog needs more of?  Sex. Pie.”

Everyone could use more pie in their lives, and you, friends, are no exception.

Gird yourself for some of the worst photos ever.

This is another classic Mama P. recipe that she has been making for longer than [...]

The Accidental Frittata and a Pizza Dough Fail So Spectacular It Nearly Ruined a Relationship

It could’ve been wonderful.

Maybe even perfect.

Something so deliriously blissful it puts a spring in your step the rest of the day.

It could’ve been…Breakfast Pizza.

Instead, it became a frittata with a side of failure dough topped off with a little bit of angry.

I mean, a frittata?  Nobody loves frittatas.  (Insert immature joke about loving tatas here).

Noone [...]

I Guess You Could Call it a Conbolence Carb

My mom got this card in the mail from her first-grade Sunday school class:

I’ll be spending the rest of the week trying to figure out what a ‘hansom’ is.



What is it about a vase of daffodils that makes me so happy?

It’s like they are saying Spring!  Spring is here!

And hooray, it very nearly is.

Garden Snapshot: Wednesday, February 22

Planting: Onion sets, beet seeds, peas, potatoes.

Blooming: Daffodils, lily-of-the-valley, crocuses, camellias, oxalis crassipes.

Harvesting: Turnips, daikon radishes, container-grown lettuce.

Starting: Sweet potato slips and also Seeds!  Everything for the summer garden including eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes!, squashes, melons, leeks, summer spinach.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some grow light bulbs and

R.I.P. Finley


You were a damn good dog.

Except for that time when you scared the crap out of the garbageman.

And all the times when you snuck over to the neighbors’ dogs’ yards at night and stole their bones.

And that time when we accidentally left the bag of dog food open and you stuck your head in [...]

Things I Love #82: Sunlight on Ordinary Objects

And how quiet, still and lovely it makes them seem.

Grow a Grocery Store Garden

It’s that time of year again, when a young girl’s thoughts turn to her summer garden, to dreams of heavy-laden tomato plants, of robust peppers and pungent basil, green beans bountiful enough both to eat fresh and to fill up the freezer.

These days I carry seed catalogs with me wherever I go, stealing peeks five [...]

Split Pea Rarebit Recipe

Every so often, my mom will go through her recipe files to try to pare them down so they are not all crammed quite so tightly in the recipe boxes.

Some of them she tosses or gives away.  This is how I ended up with recipes for ‘Sweet and Sour Tofu Balls’ (which I have yet [...]

Shit My Guy Says: Banker’s Edition

Me: Do you want me to come in with you when you talk to him?

MyGuy: Yeah, that way you can see how full of shit he is.

He gets paid a lot of money for being a weenie.