BAWC 52: Out Stealing Horses and Boy I’m Glad That’s Over

Let’s get this over with quickly, shall we, so I can go outside and putter in the garden and enjoy the 70-degree weather.

At one point while I was reading this book, I was going to tell you in the review that I had found an all-natural, drug-free way to cure insomnia.  And that [...]

Pizza Dough Fail, a.k.a Why Does Peter Reinhart Hate Me?

I made quite a few different pizza dough recipes this year.  The one I’ve liked the best (for flavor, ease of making, and general work-ability) has been Julia Child’s pizza dough recipe.

But I’m not here to tell you about that.

I’m here to tell you about pizza dough FAIL.

One of the fun things about this [...]

Lemon-Garlic Green Bean Gremolata Recipe

This is another recipe from The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper and it’s stunning in its simplicity.  More and more I am wowed by the recipes in Splendid Table for how quickly they come together while still maintaining that hours-over-the-stove-with-gourmet-ingredients flavor.  It’s as if Julia Child wrote a version of 30-Minute Meals, one [...]

Merry Merry

Mushroom Rice Recipe

I wasn’t going to write about this rice because, as I was making it, I didn’t think it was going to be that great.  I wasn’t thinking it would be bad, mind you—just not great.

Which is why I didn’t take any photos of it except for the finished dish.

But once it was made and I [...]

Did You Get That Memo?

Excuse me.

Ms. Narcissus.

And Ms. Iris.

But did you get that memo?

The one about how it’s December?

You know, wintertime?

And you aren’t due to bloom for another three months?

Okay, just checking.

I’ll see that you get another copy of that memo.

The one that says global warming is a hoax.

Not that I’m complaining.

It’s just a little difficult to [...]

BAWC 50 and 51: Toast and Bel Canto

Let’s start with Toast by Nigel Slater, as it was the more engaging and accessible of the two.

I want to say that it is entertaining as well, but I’m afraid that that makes it sound like a piece of fluff, which it’s not.

Toast is Slater’s memoir, told through the lens of food.

And oh, [...]

How to Throw a Soup Party

I first became enamored with the idea of a soup swap party many many years ago when I read about it on someone’s blog.

I have no idea what blog it was; nor do I know how I happened to come across it.

Probably it was while I was avoiding doing work, but who can say for [...]

Simply Good Grouper Recipe

My mom has been making this dish for ages.

She first got the recipe (I think) from a friend of hers in college, and it is written down on a now-tattered, yellowed index card.

As the name implies, it is simple.  And it is also very good.

It’s what I’ve requested for birthday dinners; it’s what my mom [...]

BAWC 48 and 49: Thrive and Persepolis

I happened across these books at the library and decided to give them a whirl.

Thrive explores the world’s happiest places—Denmark, Singapore, Mexico, and San Luis Obispo—examining their people, cultures and institutions to try to discover what it is that makes them so happy.

In a nutshell: Being part of a community/social club; having good [...]