Spinach Smoothie Recipe: aka the Smoothie of Self-Righteousness

One of the fun things I discovered about My Guy is that we both share the same guilty food pleasures.  Food such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, cheese puffs, ricotta cheese, pasta of any kind, biscuits, and those grocery-store rotisserie chickens.

One of the downfalls I discovered about being with My Guy is that…we both share the [...]

Old Fashioned Fig Preserves

The first time I ever had old-fashioned fig preserves they came in a mason jar from a friend’s grandmother and were sealed with a layer of paraffin wax.  Underneath the paraffin were brown and syrupy figs and translucent slices of lemon.

They were so good that my cousin and I stood at her kitchen counter and [...]

Horticulture Fail

This past Mother’s Day, Lowe’s had rose bushes on sale for $5 a pop, so I snagged a couple for my mom.  They weren’t in bloom at the time so you had to go by the tag and hope that they had been labeled correctly.

And then, I saw this:

The golden showers rose.

Also known as the [...]

BAWC Week 35: A Curtain of Green & Other Stories

Don’t hold me to it, but I am betting that somewhere along the way you have read Eudora Welty’s short story ‘Why I live at the P.O.’

Or that if you haven’t read it, you’ve at least heard of it.

It was included in my 11th-grade English Literature Anthology, a book so big the teacher [...]

Hot Dog Pizza Recipe

Here’s a free bit of advice, from me to you:

Never let your guy shop at Costco by himself when he’s hungry.

Because he will come back with three (3!) pounds worth of footlong hotdogs.

Three Pounds!

Which he will eat for lunch and then complain about how they make him feel sick.  Disgustingly sick.

But which he will continue [...]

Amtrak Wrap-up: Funny Signs

Here are some of the funny signs I encountered during my cross-country Amtrak trip, in no particular order.  Also, I promise that this is the last–Last!–entry of the Amtrak Trip Saga.

Untitled? How about this title: NO REFILLS. Just a thought.

And this insightful message, at the same Subway:

What the [...]

Train Food: How to Make Thousand Island Dressing Using Free Condiment Packets

Two things you should know before reading this post:

1.  It will probably gross you out.

2.  I have no shame.

In an effort to be semi-healthy, and also to prevent food-wastage (and spending money on food-age), I snagged a Ziploc gallon-bag of lettuce before leaving my friend Daneen’s apartment.  She had a weekly half share in a [...]

Spinach-Fig Salad with Feta and Walnuts Recipe

Although the fig harvest is long over at this point—where did the summer go?—I still wanted to get some fig recipes out there, just in case there are still some figs popping up at farmers markets somewhere.

There were so many figs from the tree this year—one day I harvested close to ten pounds—that we were [...]

Shit My Guy Says: Muumuu Edition

Snooki would never deign to wear a muumuu.

My Guy:  Why do you want to get fat and wear a muumuu?

Me:  Because, I have to make sure you like me for my personality.

My Guy:  I like you, I like you!  What color muumuu do you want to wear?

Me:  Purple.

My Guy:  No.  You’ll be an eggplant.

Me:  [...]

My Monster Melon

An interesting thing happens in the end-of-summer garden as the dead plants come up and the weeds that I kept meaning to pull are finally pulled up (well, most of them anyway): you find things you never knew were there.

Like garden cress I hadn’t seen since transplanting in May, butternut squashes, a sedum groundcover and—oh, [...]