My Amtrak Trip: Austin TX

I can’t believe that I never finished telling you about the rest of my epic Amtrak adventure.

Oh, wait, yes I can.

Because I am easily distracted.

Secretly, the only reason I am going to finish telling you about my trip is so that I can tell you about New Orleans.  It was so fantastically fun that I [...]

After the Storm

1.  Try to nurse a baby squirrel that fell from its nest and was attacked by the dog.

2.  Ogle the fallen-down trees and be thankful they aren’t in your yard.

3.  Take down the plywood and return all porch furniture to its original outdoor position.

4.  Haul branches and debris out to the street.

5.  Call friends/family who [...]

Tomato Pie Recipe

Friends, I have something very urgent to tell you.

Are you paying attention?  Okay.

Summer is almost over.

Whatever it is you are doing, unless it is preparing for a hurricane or battling tropical storm-like conditions, stop right now, go to a farm stand, and buy four of the ripest, reddest tomatoes you can find.  Okay, maybe buy [...]

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

1.  Buy lots of canned goods, especially Vienna Sausages, so they can sit uneaten in the pantry for the next 6 years.

2.  Move worm composting bin out of the basement and up to high ground.  Drowned worms would be a very sad (and stinky) thing.

3.  Alcohol.  All kinds, except for probably beer, as there is [...]

How to Tell If It’s a Tick

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been spending a lot of time in the woods lately, cutting down brush.

Wait, what?  You haven’t?

This is one square of toilet paper. The tiny black dots are the ten ticks I picked off AFTER removing dozens with duct tape and after a very vigorously-scrubbing shower. Having [...]

BAWC Week 31: One Man’s Meat

I didn’t know much about E.B. White before I stumbled upon this collection of essays at my great-aunt’s house.

What I knew of him was this: He wrote Charlotte’s Web, and, with some guy named ‘Strunk,’ Strunk & White’s Guide to Style, that thin but intimidating volume that I was supposed to [...]

You Know

You know it’s time to reapply your deodorant when the buzzards start circling above you.

That, or just get out of the heat.

BAWC Week 30: Shop Class as Soulcraft

I never thought that I would have a ‘type’ of man I was attracted to in relationships.

And even if I did, I thought that ‘type’ would be someone very similar to me: book-smart, educated, loves to read, etc.—i.e., a dork.


I’m here to tell you that apparently, my type is the guy who hated [...]

Olive Oil Cake Two Ways: Lemon-Almond and Chocolate-Rosemary

A few weeks ago the whole family descended on my parents’ house for my nephew’s first birthday.  Eleven people under one roof.  Hoo boy.

But also?  A good excuse to bake and experiment.

I made this chocolate rosemary olive oil cake last summer, and somehow between then and now all I could remember about it was that [...]

BAWC Week 29: Angle of Repose

Yeah, yeah.  I know I’m running behind with the book-a-week challenge.

Partly I would like to blame My Guy, and the fact that all of my free time is now spent with him.  You know, snuggling.  Post-coitally.

But partly I am going to blame this book, this neverending epic of dragginess and utter boredom.

Need a [...]