I get so excited when I order seeds for my summer garden.  Seriously.  Jessie Spano-excited.  (Um, not “addicted to caffeine pills” excited, but just really excited.)

I got a gift certificate for Christmas to Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and put my order in for this year’s addition to my seed collection (seriously, I am a seed [...]

Sweet Potato Apple Squares

I know it doesn't look very appetizing, but trust me, it was tasty.

I never would’ve thought about using sweet potatoes in a dessert other than pie, but I saw this recipe when I was making the sweet potato biscuits and thought, why not?  I’ve got a sweet potato and an apple that are both [...]

Cincinnati: Creation Museum Fail

Cincinnati doesn't look so sketchy when seen from a car.

The train from D.C. arrived in Cincinnati at 2 a.m. Friday night.  Yes, I know that technically 2 a.m. is Saturday morning, but I subscribe to the belief that night does not actually end until 4 or 5 a.m., or until you go to sleep, [...]

A Beautiful Breakfast, A Day in D.C., and Astronaut Ice Cream

The first stop on my Amtrak adventure was not originally going to be a stop, but due to the train schedules I found out I’d need to spend a night in Washington, D.C.  It seemed a little rude to just pop in on my great-aunt Suzy and Uncle Bert for only 12 hours, (plus I [...]

BAWC Week 12 Breath, Eyes, Memory

I had high hopes for this book because I found it in the same section of the library as The House on Mango Street and because there were breathless reviews on the back cover about Edwidge Danticant’s stunning talent.  But…

While the writing was technically flawless and the characters were unique, overall [...]

I’m baack

Spring is back!  And so am I.

I got home from my 30-day Amtrak adventure Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening I promptly came down with a bad cold/possible sinus infection.

Since then I have been sleeping and blowing my nose, and that’s about it.  That and doing some laundry.

I meant to do some blog posts from the [...]

BAWC Week 11: Seize the Day by Saul Bellow

I’ve heard of Saul Bellow, of course, and knew that he was an Author with a capital ‘A’ but had never read anything of his.  ‘Now’s as good a time as any,’ I thought when I saw Seize the Day at the library.  Plus it was short.

Basically, the book is about one day—a [...]

Creamy Irish Oats

I’ve been making this oatmeal ever since I first saw the recipe in Southern Living.  Their recipe was slightly more involved (who wants to tie up a cheesecloth/spice bag of cloves and cinnamon at 8am on a weekend?  Not me.  Actually, I don’t want to do that ever.)

Now that I’ve eaten this, any other oatmeal [...]

Cheap Deer Fencing

Usually the fishing line is practically invisible. It is only because of my superior camera skills that you can see it. Aka, I squatted to take the picture.

I’ve been battling the deer.  They want to eat my vegetable garden, and I don’t want them to.  (The even ate some of the tomato [...]

BAWC Week 10: Travels With a Blue Vase by Mary Ann Miller

My aunt is an incredibly talented woman.  Every Christmas there is usually something handmade from her—paintings, mostly, but my mom also has a hand-printed set of dish towels and an apron.  And all of her Christmas/thank-you cards are prints of her paintings.

And this year it was a book!

My aunt Mary Ann loves to travel and [...]