Deep-fried Peanuts

This past weekend I drove up to Richmond with my parents for a mini-family reunion disguised as a birthday celebration for a Confederate general.  Or maybe it was a birthday celebration disguised as a family reunion, I’m not sure.

Along the way we stopped for gas and I came across these:

I thought I’d seen every possible [...]

BAWC Week 4: Naked by David Sedaris

My friend Daneen gave me this book for Christmas several years ago and inscribed it: “Toe—When I hear the word ‘naked,’ I think of you…Why?  Probably because you’ve mooned me with your bare ass more times than I can count.”

It’s true.  I used to be the mooner of all mooners.  I mooned my [...]

Tofu Burgers

When I was thirteen and first decided to become a vegetarian, my mom’s response was, “Well!  Don’t expect me to cook anything special for you!  You can just eat whatever I make, or you can cook dinner for yourself!”

My mom and I didn’t have the best relationship for most of my teenage years.  This is [...]

Mail-order Spring Fever

Gardening Fiends/Friends!  I found these Gurneys fliers in the Sunday paper and just wanted to share.  They have a citrus trio (lemon, lime, and orange) for $9.95 and other ‘exotic edibles,’ as they call them (pomegranate, fig, banana, coffee, pineapple, olive, stevia) for $3.95-$6.95 each.  The only catch is that if you want to order [...]

A Bird in the House

If I concentrate hard enough, maybe the pigeons will stop making those noises on the roof.

The other night as I was getting ready to eat dinner with my parents, the dog came tearing through the kitchen like she was on fire.  We didn’t think much of it, because sometimes she hears squirrels climbing on [...]

Ginger Sauce

My jeans are divided into three categories: Nice Jeans, Everyday Jeans, and Jeans That Have Large Holes In Inappropriate Places And Are Only Suitable For Wearing in the Yard.

This past weekend I had occasion to wear a pair of ‘Nice Jeans’ that I hadn’t worn in over a year as I have neither attended any [...]

BAWC Week 3: Thunderstruck

This week’s book is Thunderstruck by Erik Larson.  This was another book that was in my mom’s pile of “Here, do you want to read these before I give them away,” and I was skeptical about it because 1) it was huge; 2) my mom’s opinion of it was “I couldn’t really get [...]

Pottery pieces

When my mom was little and living at Clarendon, every time after it rained they would go outside and look around the yard for bits of pottery.  The rain almost always turned up something, and the same is true today.

When I do laundry, inevitably there is a pocket or two—in a sweatshirt, jacket, or jeans—containing [...]

Vegan ‘Cream’ of Spinach Soup

Let me start off by saying, This soup is Good with a capital G.  How good is it?  It is so good that I would request it at my last meal (along with something made of potatoes).  It is so good that my dad—who eats vegetables only when forced to by my mom—went back for [...]

BAWC Week 2: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Before we begin with the official review, I’d like to share this randomness.  While browsing for an image to use, I also found out about the Spanish version of the book, Los Hombres Que No Amaban a Las Mujeres, which, roughly translated, means “Men Who Did Not Love the Women.”  As a summary of the [...]