Brown-butter Pecan Pie and Thanksgiving Fiascos

Thanksgiving this year was pretty quiet.  My brother and his wife have a new baby so they didn’t want to drive down or host it; my other brother couldn’t afford to come (either from taking time off work or travel expenses, I’m not sure which); and my sister’s husband had to work, so it was [...]

Saffron Crocus and Other Bulb Mania

I’ve planted a few bulbs this fall. And by a few, I mean 300-400.  Mainly this was from the hundreds of daffodil bulbs that were washed out of the ground back in September that I replanted in the sunken garden, but there were also English bluebells, snowdrop crocus, and my current obsession, saffron crocus.

I’ve been [...]

Veggie Burgers

The original title of this recipe, which I got from a vegetarian potluck I used to go to, was ‘Mitisse’s Patties.’  Now, I do not know who Mitisse is, nor do I like the idea of eating something called a ‘patty’ because it just sounds gross, like they way they call some [...]

Cleaning Out the Closets

It’s been raining off and on the past week, so that means we’ve been doing mostly inside work on the house.  Since there isn’t much else to do until we get the plans back from the architect, we cleaned out the closets.

When my grandmother died, my mom and my aunt spent weeks—weeks!—going through her house [...]