Roasted Radish Greens

Okay, I know that lately it seems like all I’ve been talking about from my garden is radishes.  But that’s what I’ve been harvesting lately, and I’m trying to figure out ways to use them up.

The latest foodie trend with radishes seems to be to roast them.  And why not?  I’ve never eaten a vegetable [...]

Great-Uncle Neal

Internet, I’d like you to meet Uncle Neal.  Why?  Because he is related to me, and because he was crazy.  And because there are many, many, many stories to tell.

And because, in the course of renovating the house, there are going to be lots of ‘Uncle Neal’ things that come up.

Such as: What do we [...]

Fried Spots

The spots are running.

And that means they are amazingly cheap.  And fresh.

What is a spot, you may ask?  It’s a fish with–you guessed it–a black spot behind its gills.  I’m guessing that whoever named it the Spot is also the type of person who would name a black dog ‘Blackie’ or a cat with white [...]

Giving Up on Growing: Spinach

Vegetable gardening in the south is wonderful because the growing season never quite seems to end.   Even though it is mid-October I am still harvesting tomatoes (not as tasty as the mid-summer tomatoes, but definitely better–and cheaper–than the supermarket variety).  Next to the tomatoes are mustard greens with leaves bigger than your face and daikon [...]

I Heart Caulk

Out on the construction site, my coworkers and I used to joke about caulk a lot.  Not the good kind of jokes you can repeat later at the bar and get a laugh, but the bad kind where people either groan and roll their eyes or ask if you’re an 8th-grade boy.

Such as: “You’re pretty [...]

Too-Hot-to-Handle Radish Salad

Did you know that different radish varieties have different levels of spiciness?  I didn’t.  But now I do.

And I was not terribly excited to discover this firsthand.

Remember the abundance of radishes I grew (am still growing) this fall?  In an effort to use up more of them in creative ways, I mixed up this simple [...]

Nutmeg and Thyme Scalloped Onions

A long time ago, my mom taught me a little cooking trick: If you want to make your house smell like you’ve been cooking all day, just saute an onion.

Well, hopefully you also like to eat sauteed onions.  And hopefully you have also cooked something else besides the onion, otherwise there will be some hungry [...]

Demolition and Discoveries

What happens when you combine an old homestead, heavy machinery, and 22 inches of rain within three days?

Lots of buried things come to light.

Like the ashes of a burnt-down building.

Like panes of glass fused together by the fire.

Like the brick foundation no one knew was there. 

Daffodil bulbs washed out of the ground.

Piles of ballast [...]

Saving Okra Seed

Okra-pod Octopus

A couple of years ago my friend Gina and I held a mini seed swap consisting of me, her, two disorganized seed collections and a bottle of wine.  There was also some scotch tape and a competition to see who could make the best improvised seed packet, which Gina won. (I [...]

Chocolate Peanut-Butter Banana Pudding

I have a problem with bananas.  I like them, don’t get me wrong, but there is a very narrow window in which I find them edible.  Too green and they’re bitter and chalky; too ripe and they’re mealy and bland.

I guess you could say I like my bananas like I like [...]