Popular Culture, Or: The Reason I Can Never Get All 6 Wedges in Trivial Pursuit

Me: So is there really a band named Spinal Tap?

My Guy: No, this movie is a spoof.

Me: No, I mean I know that.  But it’s not based on a real band or anything?

My Guy: No, it’s all fake.

Me: But I feel like I’ve seen an album from Spinal Tap before.

My Guy:  Well they did put out an album with songs from the movie.

Me: But Spinal Tap really was never a real band, ever?

My Guy: Never.

Me: And for all these years I’ve been refusing to watch This Is Spinal Tap because I thought I didn’t like their music.

Two Days Later:

Me: You’re gonna stay up and watch Steve McQueen.

My Guy: Who?

Me: Steve McQueen.  You know, Hawaii Five-o.

My Guy: You mean Steve McGarritt.

Me: Oh.  Yeah.  That one.

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