My Gift to You

Dear Wilmington,

You’re welcome.  I’ve just found the greatest food combination ever: French-fry pizza.  Really.

It’s like a combination of cheese fries and pizza—or, the greatest drunk food in the world.  And I wasn’t even drunk when I ate it!

Of course, you can only get such a thing from a place that serves both pizza and French fries.

A place like Wilmington House of Pizza (a.k.a. Wilmington’s House of Every God-damn Thing).

A quick tip: When you order, the lady is going to be confused at first.  Just reiterate that yes, you want to put French fries on the pizza.  Next she is going to think that it’s a prank, but that’s her issue to deal with, one she will be left to wonder about for a whole twenty minutes until you show up to pay for the pizza.  Or not, but I recommend that you do because: FRENCH FRY PIZZA.

It would be even more amazing if there were some kind of Velveeta or nacho cheese sauce, or even cheddar to go on top but there’s not.  I asked.

They may or may not have chili, at least they did back when we first ordered the hot dog pizza, but I’m betting this would also be a delicious addition to your French fry pizza, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Merry Christmas, fatties.

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