It Puts the Kibble on the Floor

The Snook has a thing with her dog food.

Usually she just lets it sit there, glancing into the bowl as she walks by in the hopes that maybe—maybe?—some human food just happened to fall in, then looking disappointedly up at us like, What? No filet mignon?

She could care less about her dog food, but open a bag of cheese puffs and she is in your lap, or, if we are being stern, doing her best to sit (since it is the only trick she knows) except her butt never actually touches the floor because Ohmygodthatismyfavoritefood! TheyaremyFAVORITE canIhaveone canIhaveone pleasepleasePLEASE ohhh ifIdon’tgetacheesepuffI’mjustgoingtoDIE.

There is a lot of wiggling that happens any time a human decides to eat a crunchy food that comes in a cellophane bag.

The only time she is not wiggling uncontrollably.

The other thing that happens when she does actually decide to eat her kibble is that she cannot just stand there and eat it out of the bowl.  No.

What she does is she picks up one nugget of kibble and trots to the front room of the house where she drops the kibble onto the floor.

Then she runs back to her bowl, picks up another nugget, runs back to the front room, drops it on the floor, runs back to her bowl.

After the third or fourth kibble-moving, she might decide to eat one of the nuggets off the floor.  It all depends on—something, I’m not sure what.  Sometimes she will eat all of the individual nuggets from the floor; sometimes she will leave them for—I don’t know, backup? safekeeping? a kibble savings account?  At any rate, whenever we vacuum we end up sucking up at least a few kibble here and there, and at least a few accidentally-stepped-on crushed kibble.

The latest development in her kibble habit is this:

In the hopes of encouraging her to eat her bowl of food all at one time, like a normal dog, we sometimes give her a few mix-ins—a handful of rice; flecks of egg that stuck to the pan; juice drained from the tuna can.

But instead of eating everything, she picks the kibble out and drops them to the floor.  Sometimes she will pick up a whole mouthful and turn to look at me as she rolls them around in her mouth to get the rice off and then, still staring at me, she opens her mouth and lets all the kibble fall to the floor.

Thanks for the rice, she’s saying, but this dog food still blows.

Have fun cleaning this up, humans.

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