Does Yogurt Go Bad?

Well, I’m not entirely sure how to begin this post. So I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

On the train the morning we arrived in Austin, I ate an expired yogurt that had been unrefrigerated. For two weeks.

Let me explain.

Two weeks earlier during the horrible, never-ending train ride to Portland we were running about 8 hours behind schedule. To try to appease the angry passengers they gave out free food. Some of which was a breakfast ‘platter’ including a croissant and…a yoplait yogurt.

Amtrak anger-appeasement breakfast.

Normally I’m not a big fan of Yoplait yogurt. It’s too sweet for my tastes (although those Yoplait ‘whipped’ ones were pretty good) and also not cheap enough for me. But if it’s free? I’ll take free.

But then I wasn’t in the mood for yogurt that morning. Or later that day, or the next or the next.

And then I put it in my food bag. And kind of forgot about it.

I kept meaning to throw it away. Really I did.

But then I thought, what if we get lost or stranded and lose all our money and have nothing to eat? Maybe then we would want that yogurt.

So that is how I came to have an unrefrigerated-for-two-weeks-yogurt in my food bag.

And that morning as we headed towards Austin I took it out of the bag meaning to throw it away.

But as I looked at it I thought, ‘Maybe it’s still good. I’ll just open it and see if it smells bad.’

It did not smell bad.

Also? I had not yet had my coffee that morning. My brain was not quite working.

Then I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just have one little spoonful and see if it tastes bad.’

It did not taste bad.

And then I got hungry and ate the whole thing.

I'm a member of the clean plate club.

And no, I did not get sick later.

Anyone want to join me for a dinner party?

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