Mexico! In L.A.! (Also featuring the Bullocks Wilshire Building)

I'm big, I'm bold, I'm Art-Deco

My last day in L.A. Daneen gave me a tour of the Bullocks Wilshire building, which was like stepping into an Art-Deco Extravaganza.  The building was originally built in 1929 as the upscale Bullocks Wilshire department store.  And holy crap, what a building.

It currently houses a law school, complete with library, mock courtroom and very studious law students, but thankfully when they renovated it they kept as much of the original interior fixtures as possible. They even still have some of the fancy ladies’ changing rooms.  Which I suggested to Daneen that she try to have sex in before she graduates, to which she responded, “Uhhm.  I don’t think so.  But you can.”

I accept your challenge.

Back to the building: there were so many little details—the light fixtures, the bathroom sinks, even the elevator buttons—that were incredibly beautiful to me.  I probably took over a hundred photos, and I was only there for an hour.  I’d show them all to you, but I have a feeling you’re bored already.

Also?  I’m too lazy to learn how to use flickr.

If you like old buildings and happen to be in Los Angeles, go inside this building and wander around—ride the elevators, hang out in the bathrooms, count all the different styles of wall clocks, etc.  It’s like stepping into another world.  One filled with art deco and law students.  It also happens to be near Koreatown (is that the technical name for it?) so while you’re in the area you may as well eat some bibimbap and Korean shaved ice just for me.

This was the elevator. I challenge you to have sex in it.

Near the former ladies' dressing rooms.

After oohing and aahing over art deco, we headed to Olvera Street, a.k.a. Little Mexico, for lunch and a bit o’ wandering about.

We ate at the first restaurant we came to, something with ‘Luna’ in the name I think, where I ate a ‘taco nogales.’  It was green.  It was cactus.  And it was better than I thought it would be.  Almost like sautéed bell peppers, but saltier.

Later we browsed some of the shops as we made our way to Mr. Churro, where—you’ll never believe it—we ate churros!

And holy god.

They were good.

Very excited about churros.

I was especially a fan of the caramel-filled one, but Daneen preferred the custard.  Plain was also tasty, with its warm bready cinnamony-ness, but why go plain when you can have something that is filled with caramel?

I am having cravings right now just thinking about it.

Must. Have. Caramel. Churro.

While browsing the shops, I found some things that I absolutely would have bought if I didn’t have to haul them across the country.

One was a velvet painting of a rooster:

Another was a flask.  Made out of a cow’s leg.

And now you know what will be the top-two items on this year’s Christmas list.  Along with possibly a mannequin.  And caramel churros.

After Little Mexico and churro-induced bliss/sugar coma, Daneen deposited me at the train station where we said our goodbyes and where I pined for more churros.

Daneen, if you’re reading this, please FedEx me a dozen caramel churros.  IMMEDIATELY.  Also one cow’s-leg flask.

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