Shit My Guy Says: Landfill Edition

My Guy: Did I ever tell you about the time I found a person’s leg at the landfill?

Me: Oh my god, you found what?  A leg?  A human leg, like a murder victim?

My Guy: No, it was a prosthetic leg.  It still had the shoe and sock on it and everything.  I was like, ‘Who throws out a perfectly good leg?’

Me: So did you take it?

My Guy:  Well, I was going to take it but when I picked it up the socket had, like, a lifetime of marrow caked in it and I smelled it and it smelled terrible.

Me: Why would you smell it!?

My Guy: It just looked like it needed smelling.

Me: No.  Oh my god, you should never smell anything that’s at the landfill. You should’ve just taken it and washed it off.

My Guy:  I know, but the smell was just too horrible.  I couldn’t un-smell it.

Me: Well, I still really wish we had that leg.

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